Head down to the station and don’t be late. The clock is ticking. The trains won’t wait. There will be acrobats, dancers and a maybe a clown. It’s all happening here in the heart of the town. Robots and real live circus.  Beatboxers, breakers and brass bands with a beat.

Everyone is welcome. They’re closing the street.

We’re having a party. It’s going to be a blast.

Do you know what they are calling it?

The Future of Things Past.

This year’s hugely anticipated Festival launch features more than 200 local performers working with an international team of choreographers, designers and theatre specialists. This is an eclectic, electric, intergenerational experience truly celebrating our unique and diverse community. Inspired by an aesthetic fusion of 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery and unstoppable new technology, the 2017 Festival launch is a wormhole between vintage Victorian nostalgia and the digital age.

So dress up in your finest ‘steampunk’ outfit, jump on board and be transported into The Future of Things Past.

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