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What drew you to the medium that you work in?

The loads of journals I’ve kept and letters I’ve written and drawn have lead me to what I’m doing now…making books for kids.

The maker in me, lead me to run lots of different workshops, these days doing sketching in nature is a bit of a favourite.

Where did you grow up? How did it shape you into becoming an artist?

I grew up in the city. I guess being a bit starved for nature I marveled at it when I found it… something I keep on doing and sharing via my work…

What part of the making process do you enjoy most?

Lots of bits… I love being out and about sketching, and catching stories. I like the rough first draft of a storyboard where I get to empty out all the ideas in my head, and I love doing the final artwork where I get to polish the story into how I want it to look the most… it’s like seeing the dream become real.

Did you choose your art subject or did it choose you?

We kind of met in the middle. I had three different ideas for my next book… so my publisher suggested working on the one that pulled at my heart the most…which is the one I’m working on now.

Do you have one piece of work that you’ve created that stays with you, why?

Too many.. but maybe Rivertime because that book put me on the path, or ought I say “river” of where I am now…in the studio..working on my 5th children’s book.

What does the Castlemaine State Festival mean to you?

Celebration and creativity all bundled up in joy! And I am so happy to offer something to it!

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