La Trobe University presents

Digitilly and Tuska Boy

Digitilly and Tuska Boy brings together the work of CiPi (aka Cathy Parry) and Kerryn Sylvia, two current postgraduate students from La Trobe University’s Visual Arts program. Exploring transformational experiences, identity, and human connection, the works in this exhibition share a material resonance that speaks to the way we navigate our place in the world.

CiPi’s alterego Digitilly is an entity who lives and travels through the digital and organic worlds. This installation invites us into her world, via hand crafted, carefully rendered textile, organic circuit boards that force us to come face to face with our digital selves and the type of world we are creating. Exploring care through fabulation, these works imagine stories for a people yet to come.

Clad in rags, Kerryn Sylvia’s Tuska Boy is an elusive figure of adolescence, a fragile transitional figure on the margins. Part of Sylvia’s broader exploration of adolescent rites of passage, this project uses costume and found objects to explore the way we experience this liminal period of change. Together, the works in this exhibition uses the care and attention of the handmade and tactile to draw attention to the subtle processes of change in ourselves and those around us.