Castlemaine State Festival in association with Punctum presents

Kultur-All Makaan

Kultur-All Makaan is your home away from home. Part handcrafted lounge room, part cultural centre, it’s arisen from a unique collaboration between local live arts organisation Punctum, and artists from the Hazara, South Sudanese and Karen communities of Central Victoria, and its only other outing was in this year’s Melbourne Design Week. Celebrated guests will perform with the house band, Zamaan Makaan, and the performance programme will be available on the CSF website from January. ‘Makaan’ in various Persian and African languages means ‘the dwelling of’, and means ‘food’ in the Indonesian language. It’s our hope that you’ll leave feeling nourished.

The Kultur-All Makaan was conceived and developed through the investment of the following partner organisations: Loddon Campaspe Multicultural ServicesMulticultural Arts VictoriaBendigo Art GalleryCapital Venues and EventsLa Trobe Arts InstituteCreative VictoriaRegional Arts VictoriaHelen MacPherson Smith TrustJohn T Reid Charitable Trust, City of Greater Bendigo, The Ulumbarra Foundation Bendigo

The festival Makaan is a large-scale music box in a large gallery space. It offers a listening experience of live performances where audiences can be seated around the Makaan. COVID measures require Artists perform inside the Makaan and audiences will only have fleeting glimpses of the live performances.

“Architecture is about People” – Diébédo Francis Kéré (Architect)

SATURDAY 20 MARCH, 2pm and 7pm

Jalal Manog and Dabora Dout with Zamaan Makaan

Playing a rare combination of instruments, our house band Zamaan Makaan (Time & Place) led by renowned local musician and percussionist Justin Marshall, mixes lush rhythms with mesmerizing beats creating tunes that intoxicate and get you moving.

Special guest performer Jalal Manog brings pop panache and South Sudanese funk to Zamaan Makaan’s savvy musical arrangements.

Dance, song, and ululation is assured in the second half of the session with the arrival of Dabora Dout, our region’s biggest celebrity secret. Zamaan Makaan matches her soulful and uplifting song writing and singing to weave songs that will have you soaring.

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Karen bamboo dancers, drummers, and percussionists with guests Ayro Hall, Dan Bendrups, and Justin Marshall.

Karen bamboo dancers, drummers and percussionists break with tradition to be joined by guests Ayro Hall playing Kendang, and Dan Bendrups and Justin Marshall playing a suite of percussive sonics. Be carried away with this euphoric take on ancient traditions and new bamboo beats.

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Ayro Hall, Dan Bendrups, and Justin Marshall trio

Drawing from his Gamelan playing heritage, Ayro Hall’s virtuosic playing is accompanied by local Gamelan aficionado and trombone player Dan Bendrups and Justin Marshall on percussion, to create a fresh take on Indonesian Gamelan and brass. Anticipate silken microtones, rhythmic layers and shimmering harmonic textures.

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TUESDAY 23 March, 7pm

Camila Serrano and Gianni Boragine with Zamaan Makaan

Connect with Afro Colombian roots and go out on a limb with the rhythms and spirit of trans cultural song and dance performed by Camilla Serrano, accompanied by Gianni Boragine’s consummate drumming. From Bucaramanga via New York, and from Cordoba via Mexico to finally settle in Castlemaine, this Serrano/Boragine fusion will ignite an explosion of Pan Latin rhythms and reconstitute them into a high-octane blend of social dance and music forms.

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A note to audience members, this performance will be filmed by ABC for the purpose of a short documentary.


Shreya Tumu with Zamaan Makaan and guest Uncle Paul Chapman

Combining ancient Southern Indian anthems of hope with cool percussion and scintillating melodic intervals, Shreya Tumu sings and dances with Zamaan Makaan joined by Uncle Paul’s rich didgeridoo drones, celebrating and beguiling with dance and song.

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SATURDAY 27 MARCH, 2pm and 7pm

Special guest duo ZöJ

ZöJ is a Victorian duo featuring Gelareh Pour on voice and Persian stringed instrument – the Kamancheh, and Brian O’Dwyer on drums. Pour’s classical background comes through in masterful playing and evocative interpretations of Persian poetry sung in Farsi. Together with O’Dwyer’s experimental rhythms, the duo’s nuanced musical synergy sparkles with emotion and purpose.

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Zamaan Makaan joined by Dabora Dout, Shreya Tumu, and Camila Serrano

An afternoon of dance merriment and musical mayhem featuring house band Zamaan Makaan and dances spanning cultures and continents with local Makaan dance divas Dabora Dout, Shreya Tumu and Camila Serrano. Step on up and get down and giddy.

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MONDAY 29 March, 7pm

Zamaan Makaan and the final musical feast at the Kultur-All Makaan

The final musical feast at the Kultur-All Makaan sees our house band, Zamaan Makaan in the company of Makaan performers offering a taster of all that has been shared in the Kultur-All Makaan during its presence in the festival – along with some surprise guests. A knock-off lift off into a spellbinding future of Makaan magic.

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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.