YUMMY Unleashed

Please think very carefully about what you wear to this impossibly glamorous show. YUMMY Unleashed blends outrageous drag, fierce burlesque, luscious costumes and scintillating choreography with funny, surreal and touchingly raw performances. Under the direction of Valerie Hex (aka James Welsby) these superstars are internationally known in their own right, and have come together for a one-hour cultural orgy that includes avant-garde cabaret, burlesque, dance and performance art. Positively dripping with awards, this show is a celebration of all that is queer, fluid and beautiful.


This show contains suggestive content and partial nudity and is not suitable for those under the age of 16.

Last year saw the cast winning Best Cabaret show, and it s no wonder why. YUMMY Unleashed is the best of drag, genderfluidity and burlesque all rolled into one. While quite a few members of the opening night audience were returning guests, this didn’t stop the newcomers from going wild. – ISOLATED NATION 2020