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Rhyll Plant is opening her studio as part of the festival rhyll-plant-in-studio

The Castlemaine State Festival welcomes artists from around the world and, just as importantly, through our Open Studios program, celebrates the remarkable artists who call this place home. In the first of an ongoing series of profiles of these unique makers, today we visit with Rhyll Plant.

A scientific illustrator and print maker (and Honorary Associate of Museum Victoria), Rhyll says she is keenly aware of the time-honoured tradition she works in.

“There is nothing modern about what I do here,” she explains.

“When people visit me here they like, I think, to be in this place of quiet, a place where everything is done by hand; hand-propelled tools, wood, a hand-driven press.”

Asked what is most difficult about her work, Rhyll shoots back a wry response: “A fluffy feather! You would not believe how difficult it is to reproduce that,” she says with a laugh.

“I want to inspire people who visit with me here, make them happy through this work – it’s a simple as that.”

You’ll be able to visit Rhyll at her studio on both weekends of the festival — a full list of artists and the addresses of their studios will be available on our website as the festival draws near.

Speargrass Studio

191 Happy Valley Road Castlemaine


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