Castlemaine State Festival presents

David Bridie: The Wisdom Line

How apt that David Bridie’s sixth solo album, The Wisdom Line, tenderly appraises Melbourne, and themes of belonging and transience, after a year in which Melburnians found themselves stranded. The Australian songwriter, whose back catalogue includes stints with Not Drowning, Waving and My Friend the Chocolate Cake, as well as more than 100 film and television soundtracks, will perform the album with a four-piece band, against a backdrop of shorts from international filmmakers, as well as soundscapes and spoken-word elements.

Gorgeous washes of melancholy electronics; minimal piano and percussion accompaniment; thoughtful understated lyrics and a clear understanding of the compelling ambience that can be created by the interplay of lyrics, music and images. – 41/2 stars, The Age/Sydney Morning Herald