Castlemaine State Festival presents

Marala Binaural

Once you pull on your headphones you’ll hear the Marala Trio as intimately as though they were in the same room, singing to you alone. Instead, Selma Bruna, Clara Fiol and Sandra Monfort, will be gathered around a binaural microphone in Spain, televised on a big screen all the way to Castlemaine. The binaural microphone captures every whisper and breath in 360-degree sound. The effect of their combined voices, while inspired by Catalan folk, is part choral, part meditation – and it’s an effect that has moved audience members to tears.

The binaural microphone is a device that captures every sound in 360º and in a very realistic way. Placed in the centre of the room, the microphone catches the voices of Marala in 3D, and sends them to the audience through headphones. Somehow, each person in the audience may notice that they’re in the centre of the room, and feel the whispers of Marala very close to their soul. It is an intimate experience, a safe space to let emotions flow.

Nb. Attendees will be required to bring their own headphones and Smartphone or iPad to download the App.

Selma Bruna – Voice
Sandra Monfort – Guitar and Voice
Clara Fiol – Voice
Apeles Carod – Violinist
Jose Ignacio Fournier – Technician

Songs that move your attention to songs of the earth, full of roots, with a bright and ground-breaking sound of female voices. – TEATREPRINCIPAL.COM

To attend this event you will be required to bring your own Smart-device (phone or tablet) and headphones, and download the Sennheiser MobileConnect App prior to the event. Please note this is a high fidelity event, therefore, we recommend the use of wired overhead headphones where possible.

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This activity received grant funding from the Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program of the Department of Foreign of Affairs and Trade