Castlemaine State Festival presents

Otto & Astrid Play the Greatest Rock’n’Roll Concert You’ve Ever Seen! – Die Roten Punkte

In this große rock’n’roll schwindel, Otto & Astrid – the dysfunctional siblings from cult band Die Roten Punkte – thunder through their back catalogue. Adults who enjoy the mockumentary style of Flight of the Conchords, and love a well-crafted pop-punk smash (B-52s meets Ramones meets White Stripes), will find this as entertaining as kids who inherently tune in to the bickering of siblings. It’s a winning ruse that has seen Berlin’s prince and princess of rock’n’roll nominated for 10 Green Room Awards, collecting two.

Fans of Spinal Tap and Flight of the Conchords, say ‘Hallo!’ to your new favourite band!